Scala Meetup at Evolution


A few weeks ago, Functional Software organized a Scala Meetup together with Evolution.

Functional Software had just taken over as maintainers of the Scala group, so we were not sure what to expect. However, I’m happy to report that it was great! The talks were interesting, Evolution were excellent hosts and it seems like everyone had a great time.


There were two talks at the meetup; both are available to watch on the Scala Stockholm YouTube channel

The Effect Of Uncapturable - Oleg Nizhnik

A syntactical stroll through algebraic effects, unique types, and lifetimes to the new version of “capture checking” in the upcoming Scala versions with dreams and fantasies about the future of Scala programming.

Oleg is a Scala Software developer at Evolution. He started his career as a software developer back in 2007. First encountered Scala and Haskell in 2012. Authored several open source projects (tofu, derevo, typed-schema). Actively participated in Scala education.

Uncovering the benefits and challenges of ZIO2 and Scala 3 at Wolt - Thomas Harper

Wolt has a vibrant Scala community where software engineers use a variety of patterns and frameworks to build services. One common pattern is using ZIO2 and Scala 3 to build small, simple, and could-native microservices quickly. In this talk, Thomas will go through the benefits and challenges of this approach as well as how the approach fits into Wolt’s infrastructure and co-exists with other approaches.

Thomas is a Staff Engineer in the Courier Group at Wolt where he builds backend systems in Scala. He is part of the team building the logistics platform to offer the best possible experience for Wolt’s customers and courier partners. Previously, Thomas has worked in other domains using Scala, including a distributed risk calculation at Morgan Stanley and data infrastructure at Spotify.


A counter top with wraps and other snacks Mingle at the Scala meetup Oleg's presentation, from the back of the audience Balloons with the Evolution logo on them Close-up of Oleg's presentation Refilling beverages before the next presentation Close-up of Thomas Harper's presentation